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LoSho was played by actress Reagan Bright in episode 1.

Coming from an extremely poor background, Lorraine Shores, the oldest of 4 children, was thrown to the streets to live on her own by her parents. To survive, she illegally hopped onto a train that was heading to a near-by city.

While on the train, Lorraine discovered crates containing many carnival items. To keep herself from being discovered she would hide in the crates and cover herself. One night someone entered her area and discovered her. Once the train stopped they took her to Norman Barley, the owner of the carnival. Norman, an awful man, took her by the arm and asked her who she was and why she was on his train. After hearing her excuse he ordered one of his men to bring him what he called the pleasure bucket. Lorraine, with tears in her eyes, and a sensation of fright tried to break free but couldn’t. A white bucket was placed in front of her while her legs were kicked out from underneath. She was then grabbed by the neck by one of Norman’s henchman and placed closer. Norman, with an evil laugh, told her that she would work for him for the rest of her life. Screaming at him, Lorraine tried to escape, but once again failed when her head was pushed into the bucket by the henchman. The henchman held her head into the liquid for a couple of minutes and pulled her out by her hair and threw her to the ground. As Norman started walking off he looked back at her as she laid on the ground, disfigured from the liquid, and screaming in pain. He stopped, looked back at her, and through a clown mask which landed on her stomach. He told her to cover up with that and that she belonged to the carnival now.


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