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Janie Mayes


Janie Mayes was played by actress Jamie Childers.

Janie Mayes is 33 years old. She was born in Nashville, the largest city in Tennessee. As a small child, she was really close to her mother, since she never knew her father. During her teen years, she worked as a network administrator for her mom’s company earning a modest living. Even though the money was good, her interests were in law enforcement and investigations. Over time, her and her mom grew apart because of this.

Janie never wanted to sit behind a desk, performing network configurations. She eventually got a job as a detective for a secret federal agency after her education. Because she chose to go this route instead of majoring in computer science, she and her mother stopped talking to each other.

One day, Janie got a call on her way to work and was notified that her mom had been murdered. Struck by disbelief, she set out to perform her own investigation which caused confusion with the official investigative team that was assigned to her mom’s case. Eventually, Janie’s boss reassigned her to desk duty which caused her to have flash backs to when she worked for her mom’s company.
While at work, Janie could not focus on her new job responsibilities. She could not help but to feel sad and question the choices that she made growing up that may have led to her mom’s death. She felt that if she would have kept in contact with her that maybe none of it would have ever happened. One day, she decided to go out on her own to pick up her investigation where she left off.

Several weeks later, Janie was shot in the shoulder while questioning a suspect at a coffee shop in Mississippi. Due to the severity of the wound, she was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Her boss was notified and came to the hospital to see her. Her boss, being angry that she had disobeyed orders to stay out of it, fired her.

With all Janie’s entitlements stripped, she had no way of gaining any additional ground into her mom’s murder. Eventually, she decided to turn to the paranormal field and attended a paranormal convention to listen to Claymore Ray’s speech. She met paranormal investigator named Cole Flynn and found that they had a lot in common. After the speech, the two met Claymore and formed a Mississippi based paranormal team. Janie finally felt that she could get a lead into her mom’s death from a paranormal perspective.

Janie brought her detective and computer skills to the paranormal group and helped solve hundreds of paranormal cases. She is highly respected by her team mates because she is extremely resourceful and uses her wits to get out of difficult situations . She respects Clay but feels that Cole is a little immature, yet she is attracted to his looks. Due to her shoulder injury, she has had difficulty holding items and moving around sometimes.
These days, Janie often blames herself for her mom’s death and questions her choices often. She normally avoids talking about her time at the federal agency and the type of training that she received which leaves her a little mysterious.

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