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Cole Flynn


Cole Flynn was played by actor David Childers.

Cole Flynn is 37 years old. He was born in Plains, a small, rural town in Georgia known for its peanut farms. He had a modest education, learning from his mother at home. During his teen years, he worked on his dad’s peanut farm earning a low wage. Every Friday afternoon, he would go to town to spend it. He was impulsive and would buy items that he wanted, not necessarily needed.

One day while in town, Cole met a shy, petite woman named Tracey King at Miss Gracey’s Floral Shop while going to purchase cigarettes. Tracey had a secret crush on Cole and would hide when she saw him. She would always peak from the side of her hiding place to pay close attention to how he walked, ate his peanuts, and carried himself. He met her one afternoon when he stopped by the floral shop to buy some flowers for his mom’s birthday. He was astounded by her beauty and knew he had to have her in his life. He wasted no time “sweeping her off her feet.”

Tracey would visit Cole on the peanut farm and bring him something to eat during his breaks. One day while she was visiting, the two decided to have a walk in the woods. While on one of the trails, they heard a gunshot very close to them. Tracey stepped back, tripped over a log, and fell down a cliff where she died instantly. Later that day, Cole found out that his dad was hunting on a nearby trail. A huge argument ensued. Cole’s dad tried to explain to him that he never fired his gun. Cole, however, did not believe him. Distraught, Cole left the farm to live on his own.

Over the years, Cole developed a harden attitude toward people. After receiving his grandfather’s old-style Colt revolver as a birthday gift from his dad, he eventually forgave his dad but still did not know who fired the shot that caused Tracy’s death. During that time, he had an experience where Tracy came to him and told him that he must let her go and that one day he would fall in love with someone else. Not knowing if what he witnessed was a dream or vision, he traveled from town to town and became a paranormal investigator. He attended a convention and listened to a paranormal investigator named Clay “Big Daddy” Ray talk about his paranormal experiences and techniques. While there, he met a lady named Janie Mayes, a paranormal investigator whom he found attractive and intriguing. After the speech, they met Clay and decided to form a Mississippi based paranormal team. For Cole, it was the opportunity of a life time to further his paranormal knowledge. He planned to use this new knowledge to communicate with Tracy to find out who fired the shot that ultimately brought her to her death.

These days Cole still likes to be a “hard ass” about everything, always asking questions while enjoying peanuts. He is attracted to Janie but is not sure if she feels the same way about him. Instead of talking to her directly, he feels that she will come around and make the first move.
He occasionally likes to take his favorite old-style Colt revolver out for a couple of rounds.

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