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Claymore Ray


Claymore Ray was played by actor Wayne Childers.

Claymore Ray is 60 years old. He was born in Vicksburg, a Mississippi city known for its rich civil war history. At a young age, Claymore -also known as Clay during this time- had a paranormal experience at one of the civil war cemeteries. He witnessed a shadowy figure standing next to one of the graves. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that it was dressed like a civil war soldier carrying what appeared to be a baby in his arms. As Clay walked toward it, the figure walked behind a tree. Once Clay got to the tree, the figure was gone. Figuring that the figure may have belonged to the person in the grave, he devoted the rest of his life to becoming a successful paranormal investigator, author, and speaker in order to learn more about his first paranormal experience.

As Clay got older, he earned the nick-name “Big Daddy” due to his size. His paranormal books and presentations led him from city to city. During one of his speeches, he met paranormal investigators Cole Flynn and Janie Mayes. He liked the dynamic that the two showed and the skill sets that they brought with them. Together they formed a paranormal team, based in Mississippi, to confirm real paranormal truths and expose false-hoods.

These days, “Big Daddy” oversees his paranormal team, but does not micro-manage them. He is seen more as a mentor to his team than a boss. He is a strong leader but can sometimes be too boastful about his success while backing it up with his books and speeches. This sometimes drives arguments between him and his team. He sees that Cole has a crush on Janie but is unsure that Janie feels the same way about Cole. He notices their arguments from Cole trying too hard and is regularly breaking up what he sees as immature arguments from both.

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