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About Gene

The Twisted Carnival was invented by Gene Hamil in 2014 as a way for him to bring his horror characters to life. After writing several movie scripts, he filmed and released the Documentary of OzBo movie on December 13, 2014 followed by the Ringmaster: A Fallen Dream on August 20, 2018 under the production name Twisted Carnival. In the beginning of 2019 Gene decided to re-write his stories in order to introduce new Twisted Carnival characters. He begin filming the Twisted Carnival series on November 10th, 2019.

The Twisted Carnival series is about an antique wooden box that is acquired by a paranormal investigation team who accidentally releases an evil paranormal entity that belonged to a mysterious traveling freak show known as the Twisted Carnival. This entity tries to bring more freaks from the Twisted Carnival to rage havoc upon our world.

About the characters

The Twisted Carnival characters contain interesting back stories.  Click onto one below to learn more.

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